Internal Regime

To improve your stay at Clement Hotel, we ask that you please read the following internal regulation for guests. All guests that stay at the hotel shall be subject to this regulation, which is considered a mandatory adhesion contract. In the event of any breach of this contract, Management reserves the right to refuse admission.


This hotel establishment is for public use and is for unrestricted access, without applicable restrictions other than those provided for under applicable legal provisions and pursuant to the terms of this regulation.

Admission of people at this establishment shall only be refused for the following reasons:

a) Lack of availability of rooms or facilities.

b) Failure to comply with the admission requirements set out in this regulation.

c) Conduct that could be dangerous or cause a nuisance to other people or users, or that disrupt the normal activities of the establishment.

d) Failure to pay the total booking fee when requested by hotel staff.

When any of the above situations occur or if anyone breaches any of the restrictions listed hereinabove, hotel staff may require said persons to vacate the premises, after payment, if applicable, of any pending amounts due for provision of services or consumption.

It is hereby expressly stated that unrestricted access to the facilities, services or rooms in this hotel establishment shall not be denied or refused to anyone for reasons of sex, disability, with or without guide dogs, religion, opinion, or any other personal or social circumstances whatsoever.


Any person that wishes to make use of the accommodation units, the common facilities or, as the case may be, the complementary services listed in this regulation, should show their identity documents in order to be admitted and registered in the establishment register. Once the person or people have been registered, this establishment will create a registration document containing the name, category and registration number, number or name of the room assigned, number of room occupants, check in and check out dates, any relevant dietary needs and, when booked directly, the price of the accommodation. Said registration document should be signed electronically by the interested party to formalise their admission, once they have been informed of the terms of this regulation and their rights and obligations. The customer may request a copy of the document at any time during their stay.

The submission of any complaint does not release the guest from their obligation to pay for the contracted services.  This establishment may require its users, at any time and after presenting the bill and proof slips, to pay for any services additional to the accommodation, even if payment for the latter has been agreed in advance.

This establishment can request the assistance of the pertinent authorities to eject any users who breach this regulation, or that attempt to access or stay at the hotel for any purpose other than for the normal use of the hotel services. The foregoing also applies to any people who are not registered as users, attendees at banquets, meetings, etc., or that breach any of the situations set out in section 2 hereinabove. This establishment may request a payment guarantee for the contracted services, in accordance with applicable regulations, and may charge the user for any damages or defects that they cause to the facilities, the furniture or other elements, due to their negligence or improper use thereof.


1. The hotel reserves the right to refuse admission.

2. For the comfort of all our guests, pets are not permitted. Pets are also not permitted in vehicles within the hotel’s parking areas.

3. It is not permitted to bring firearms, explosives or flammable materials, drugs, or any similar material into the hotel.

4. Any losses or damages caused by the guests to any property, furniture or property of the hotel must be paid for, in accordance with the value established by the company.

5. Guests may check in as from 1:30 pm and the latest check out time is 11:59 am. Management has the right to ask the guest to vacate the room.

6. Late check out is from 12:00 noon and shall provide guests with the right to stay in the room until 6:00 pm. Late check out is subject to availability. Management reserves the right to offer the late check out service free of charge to certain customers or as part of different hotel promotions.

7. The administration does not accept any liability whatsoever for the loss of any jewellery, money, documents or other valuables of any kind that are kept in the rooms. There is a safe at reception where any valuables or money can be stored.

8. The hotel management recommends that you:

  • Keep an eye on your luggage. Do not leave it unattended.
  • When leaving your room, close the door and try to open it again, to make sure that it is correctly locked, even if you are only leaving the room for a short time.
  • Keep the door closed when you are in the room.

9. For room cleaning, please leave the room before 12:00 noon. The cleaning staff will not clean the room if the customer is inside. If you would like your room cleaned, place the “please clean my room” sign on the outside of your door. If you would rather not be disturbed, place the “please do not disturb” sign on the outside of your door.

10. In order to guarantee the safety, comfort and peaceful environment of users, this establishment has electronic surveillance devices, with permanent recording capability, in the hallways and other common areas.

11. All visitors to rooms occupied by guests are completely forbidden, without prior authorisation by Management. The hotel reserves the right to ask for identification of any person who enters the facilities without authorisation.

12. Under no circumstances whatsoever may the number of people staying in the room exceed the capacity the hotel has assigned for each room.

13. Guests are obliged to inform the hotel administration of any contagious illnesses, deaths, infractions or crimes at the establishment and that they have knowledge of, so that the company can take the appropriate measures and immediately inform the pertinent authorities, if necessary.

14. Booking payment shall be guaranteed by credit card.

15. Booking terms and conditions are specified on the booking confirmation and are accepted by the customer as part of the booking process, according to the fee type.

16. The accommodation contract may be rescinded on the following grounds:

  • By the expiry of the agreed term.
  • By reason of any breach of the agreements or regulations that govern the contract.
  • By reason that the guest commits indecent acts or disturbances that disturb other guests.
  • By reason that the guest is absent for more than forty-eight (48) hours without any notice or communication whatsoever.
  • By reason of any failure to pay in the stipulated manner.

17. There is a gymnasium on floor 0 for guests that stay at the hotel. Use of the gymnasium is free of charge and users must be of legal age. Management shall not assume any liability for any improper use of the machines or for any consequences thereof. The gymnasium is open 24/7.

18.  The service area opening times shall be published in the common areas of the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to modify the opening times of any service, either as a one-off modification or permanently.

19. All consumption at a point of sale within the hotel shall constitute acceptance of the price, which shall be charged to the customer’s account and shall be paid by the customer when requested by the establishment.

20. After the termination of the accommodation contract and/or event due to any of the listed reasons, if the guest refuses to vacate the room or the establishment, the hotel may request the assistance of the pertinent authorities to eject the guest, without any further procedures.

21. The guest shall pay using cash, credit card or debit card. The hotel does not accept payments via cheque.

22. In the event of any defect, deterioration or theft caused in the room or any other hotel facility by the customer, the hotel reserves the right to claim the corresponding compensation from the customer. The hotel may invoice the value of towels (€10), pillows (€25), bathrobes (€25) or any other equipment from the room that is missing after the customer has left. To this end, the cleaning staff perform an exhaustive daily inventory of each room.

23. No food or drink may be brought into the hotel. The use of candles and/or incense is not permitted within the rooms.

24. The hotel does not assume any liability for any objects forgotten or left unattended in common areas.

25. If the customer leaves an item behind in their room, they may reclaim it from the hotel within one (1) year after their stay and the customer must arrange uplift via a courier company. After one (1) year has elapsed, the hotel management will decide what to do with said property.

26. For health and safety reasons, the hotel does not keep any food or hygiene products left behind in the room.

27. The hotel does not assume any liability whatsoever for any breach of contract if it is due to force majeure, such as: fires, earthquakes, strikes, public disturbances, etc.

28. Our restaurant areas close at 1:00 am. You are not permitted to stay in the restaurant areas after they close.

29. Raucous or loud music is not permitted in the common areas or rooms.

30. Smoking is strictly forbidden in any area within the hotel.

31. It is forbidden to use the electrical sockets or equipment installed in your room for any purpose other than that for which they were designed.

32. The hotel does not assume any liability whatsoever for the partial or total loss of any items, valuables or vehicles from the parking areas.

33. The hotel does not assume any liability whatsoever for any damage caused by third parties to vehicles.

34. It is not permitted for people to spend extended periods of time within a vehicle in the hotel parking area.

35. Any vehicle that has been in the area for more than 72 hours without there being any information about the owner or person responsible shall be towed away. The foregoing shall require the pertinent authorities to be called and the vehicle shall be taken to said institution’s premises.

36. The hotel has a lien on the guest’s luggage and belongings for value of the stay and, to that effect, said luggage can be withheld by the hotel if the guest does not pay any outstanding debts.

37. The shuttle bus service between the hotel and airport, or between the hotel and Ifema, is a free service. It is a courtesy service and is subject to availability. The hotel does not assume any liability whatsoever for any delays or disruptions to the service. If the timetable does not fit your needs, please contact reception for other transport options. When booking your seat on the hotel-airport shuttle bus, remember to book it in enough time to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight. The hotel does not assume any liability whatsoever for missed flights due to incidents or delays with the transfer service.

38. The hotel offers a wakeup call service. However, the hotel does not assume any liability whatsoever for missed flights due to any incident with said service.

39. During the transport service, the customer must place their luggage in the bus luggage compartment. The hotel does not assume any liability whatsoever for any damage that may occur during the journey or when handling the luggage during loading or unloading.

People who use this hotel establishment shall be required to comply with the terms of this regulation, to the extent that the terms thereof do not contradict the provisions of the Tourism Act 12/1999, of 15 December, Decree 47/2004, of 10 February, on hotel establishments, and any other applicable regulations or provisions.

Clement Hoteles S.L. V.A.T. No.: B84183599. Avenida General, 43. 28042 Madrid, Spain. Companies Register of Madrid. Volume 20,796, Book 0, Folio 38, Section 8, Page M-368521, Entry No. 1.